US VIET TRADE UPDATE: Vietnamese Mangoes FINALLY Head to the U.S.

US VIET TRADE UPDATE: Vietnamese Mangoes FINALLY Head to the U.S.


It took ten years.  TEN loooooooooong years for the U.S. government to give Vietnamese mango growers the green light to export to the United States.   According to a VN Express Article on Vietnam Mango Exports to the U.S.,  the U.S. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has approved the export of Vietnamese mangoes to the U.S. a full decade after it was applied for. Mango joins dragon fruit, rambutan, longan, lychee, and star apple fruit as Vietnam’s sixth fresh fruit which can be legally imported into the U.S.

Why now? Well, it is most likely just the natural result of a slow bureaucratic process in the U.S., but other factors - namely the increasing visibility of Vietnam as a viable source of origin for American companies nervous about their existing reliance on China -- are definitely in play.  Now, to be clear: China is NOT an exporter of mangoes; they import heavily for their own demand.  But my point is that as U.S. companies are seeing the opportunities presenting themselves by replacing the very iffy Chinese supply route with reliable Vietnamese agriculture and manufacturers, a more "Vietnam-friendly" attitude toward Vietnamese exports to the U.S. is the logical result.

If you are a Vietnamese agricultural producer, processor, or manufacturer ready to explore your opportunities in the U.S. market, give LatourLaw Vietnam a call.  We'll work with you and your company to assess opportunities, establish prospective partners, and navigate complex import/export issues.  LatourLaw not only represents U.S. companies seeking to partner with Vietnamese growers/producers but we work proactively with Vietnamese market leaders to explore U.S. export options.  We tailor our legal services to address your company's bespoke legal needs, whether that means a continuing U.S. market representation or a deal-specific transaction.  We'll even help you set up your U.S. administrative office and create a lawful pathway for your family's move to the U.S.

Want to know more?  Contact LatourLaw Vietnam to schedule a private video conference with Jose Latour to discuss your company's potention in the U.S. market.




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