The final rule on EB-5 reform is about to be published and the day of the $500,000 EB-5 will be over. The new rule will most likely increase the TEA investment threshold dramatically, from $500K to $1.35M. Moreover, new TEA abuse reforms will end the false TEA status claims relied upon by the vast majority of EB-5 projects on the market. What will happen to those who invest $500,000 today in a project relying on false TEA claims once the new rule takes effect? Will those investors be required to invest an additional $1.3M to meet the anticipated new, non-TEA investment figure of $1.8M?

No one will know until the rule is published, but you can protect your family from these risks by investing with American Venture Solutions EB-5 Regional Center TODAY. AVSEB-5 is the leading EB-5 Regional Center operating exclusively in 100% legitimate TEAs. We have a sterling record of I-526 and I-829 approvals and clients with US permanent residency who have been fully divested, as in receiving repayment of their FULL $500,000 investment. Why take a chance with anyone else?

AVS has several $500,000 EB-5 positions available in proven projects which will NOT be subject to these concerns and potential price increases, but ONLY for investors prepared to fund immediately. Once the new law kicks in, like the handful of other Regional Centers offering legitimate TEA projects, AVS will only have slots at $1.35M.

If you are an accredited investor ready to secure your family’s EB-5 residency at the soon-to-disappear $500,000 level, contact AVS Vietnam Director Monica Pham at our Vietnam Hotline 0938.61.30.62 to schedule a private appointment.

Remember: AVS is the ONLY EB-5 Regional Center which complies 100% with US Securities Laws and does NOT pay illegal finders fees to agents, diluting the value of your investment.

Attorney José E. Latour

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