Grenada E-2 options: Your Best Friend in the U.S. Can Be the Pathway to your E-2

Grenada E-2 options: Your Best Friend in the U.S. Can Be the Pathway to your E-2


I know it is Monday, I know I have already written a bunch of updates, and I know you are probably already tired of hearing me babble on and on...but I have one last thing I want to tell our Vietnam friends today:  the "alternate" E-2 route.

As you know, LatourLaw opened in Vietnam this year and, working with AVS Vietnam, we are the first and only A/V rated business immigration law firm with "boots on the ground" in Saigon.  It means that you are being advised on your E-2 options by expert U.S. attorneys with decades of U.S. visa experience.  The big news has been about our new Turnkey Franchise Management program that allows us to craft a Grenada CBI/E-2/U.S. franchise scenario which puts most of the U.S. work on the hands of franchise management experts.  It's been a couple of months since I told you all about this, and, predictably, we now have a bunch of copycat agents claiming they can do the same for you...when in reality they don't know and E-2 from Boeing 777! (-:

Well, as gung ho as we are about the franchise option, if you have very close friends and family with long time residency in the might have an even BETTER option: by tweaking LatourLaw Vietnam's structure for your Grenada CBI/E-2/investment, we can help you define collaborative options which can involve EXISTING U.S. enterprises and incorporate the business and cultural expertise of your trusted friends and family in the U.S.  I'm not going to bother explaining in detail here because tomorrow there will be three migration agents copying the details, so if you are planning on Grenada CBI but DO have that kind of a "strategic partner" pre-existing in the U.S., be sure to make an appointment to see me during my October visa by calling our Vietnam office.  Depending on the specifics, we just might be able to create a transition for you and your family which is even EASIER than the managed franchise option!

Be careful out there!

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