ANOTHER OPINION: Why E-2 Via Grenada Might Be a Better Idea than EB-5

ANOTHER OPINION: Why E-2 Via Grenada Might Be a Better Idea than EB-5


As our regular readers know, we often provide links to online information which we feel may be useful.  I recently came across a Forbes article written by an attorney who does exactly what we do...our competition.  While it is counterintuitive to send our readers to an article written by a competitor, the truth is that I would be remiss if I failed to share this with LatourLaw's faithful readership.  It's a GREAT article explaining why, in the context of our Vietnam client's, applying for Grenada CBI citizenship and using that to segue swiftly to an E-2 Treaty Investor visa permitting your family's US relocation in matter of months makes sense in so many situations.

The article, written by a Washington, D.C. attorney, does an outstanding job illustrating the many nuances which have led some of the best immigration minds in the U.S. to recommend an E-2 Treaty Trader visa over an EB-5 visa when examining what is best for a client from a country with an EB-5 visa backlog (currently China and VIetnam, with India hot on their tail).  Candidly, the article ties together neatly what I have not been able to tie together in many posts on the subject.

So, dear reader, in my faithful commitment to wanting the very best for your family's immigration planning, below is the link to - sigh -- a very well written piece from "the competition".  Read it, take it in, but please remember to come back to me.

Unselfishness of this nature merits reward....(-;

Forbe's Article on Why E-2 Might Be Smarter than EB-5

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ANOTHER OPINION: Why E-2 Via Grenada Might Be a Better Idea than EB-5

Mar 05, 2019

A Forbes article on this subject was quite interesting in highlighting how an investor might be making a better call going with an E-2 vs. EB-5 visa for countries with backlogs like Vietnam.

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